Recreational Tourism Services

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Recreational Tourism Services

Recreational Tourism Services is a tourism consultancy, covering all aspects of recreational tourism.
Personable and professional approach, with the security of public liability cover as well as professional indemnity.

Products / Services

• Holiday Packages Development, Management, and Implementation
• Digital Mapping Advice, Construction, and Implementation
• Cycle and Walking Features for Media.
• Tourism related Journalism, including Proof Reading and Editorial Advice
• Regional Representation at Tourism Events
• Product Development, Management, and Implementation
• Project  Development, Management, and Implementation
• Walking and Cycling Guide
• Knowledge of Cycling Routes UK wide
• Tourism Network Development, Management, and Implementation
• One to One service
• Current up to date Product Knowledge, including Regional and National Markets
• Knowledge of 1000’s of Accommodation Providers UK wide
• Knowledge of Cycling and other Recreational Business UK wide
• Experience of Assessing and Submitting Risk Assessments

For further details please contact Graham Vickers on g.vickers@blueyonder.co.uk
(please note this address will change on completion of web site, thank you).